Detours & Road Closures


Road Closure News & Updates

  • There are no current or future road closures for the Union Bridge Quarry Replacement – New Windsor Project.

Detour Plans (Approval Process)

  • The overland conveyor crosses six county roads and is either  underneath or overtop of all roads.
  • During the process of determining the detour routes, traffic studies were completed on “all” potential detour routes.
  • From the traffic study, seven detour routes were developed along the conveyor path.
  • The detour plans were part of the conveyor site plan submittal to Carroll County Government.
  • To meet all county approvals, the plans  were reviewed and approved by the following:
    • Carroll County EMS
    • New Windsor & Union Bridge EMS
    • Carroll County Transportation Department & School Board
    • Carroll County Engineering / Traffic Engineer
    • State Highways
    • Mayors of Union Bridge & New Windsor
    • Carroll County Planning Commission
  • Plans were also presented to NewCap

Detour Maps


Detour Map - Quaker Hill Road


Detour Map - McKinstrys Mill Road


Detour Map 1 - Winters Church Road


Detour Map 2 - Winters Church Road


Detour Map - Hawks Hill Road


Detour Map - Greenwood Church Road


Detour Map - Old New Windsor Road


Proposed Conveyor Path

Road closures dates are based on best predictions and are subject to change due to actual construction progress.